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Hound’s Run is a large merchant town, on The Hound’s Run (the official name of the road that cuts through central Brockhurst from Eagle Rock to Robel). It has become famous for the Chantry of Trainhedge, an order of Magic-Users, located just outside the town proper. Rumors abound of magic being openly used within the town, and the site also boasts The Academy of Defense, a large university where the best and wealthiest families send their heirs to be trained. The university is home to a renowned library that is said to be ancient, and which predates the founding of the Principality of Brockhurst.




Hound’s Run is governed by Earl Sir Godwin Fredericks and his advisors. In his absence, his wife, Elizabeth, has been competently performing most of his duties with the aid of his lieutenants. Earl Sir Godwin has only two children. His eldest born son, Gilbar, was born with dwarfism and after the untimely death of his first wife, Lady Angelica of LeFleur, Godwin disinherited Gilbar, who subsequently took vows with the Order of Kwyrth. Godwin later remarried and had another son with Lady Elizabeth of Glimmer Dam. Godwin David Fredericks was born hale and of normal size, and will inherit his father’s titles and lands.


Hound’s Run benefits from its central location. The The Hound’s Run brings trade from the southwest, but the Western road (or Jerrett’s Run road), is also reasonably busy. The economy of Hound’s Run is one of the healthiest in Brockhurst and seems likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Major Exports of Hounds Run

Hunting Dogs
Guard / War Dogs
Woad Dye
Blue, Red / Pink, and White Linen
Red Fox Fur
Fox Fur Trim
Fox Fur Cloaks
Some Wool, Velum, Raw Linen & Nettles Fluff
They have a small pit mine for Alum as a Mordant, Styptic and as a high end tanning agent for the Fox Furs.
Madder, Beet root and Cherries are used as Red Dye


The religious climate of Hound’s Run is similar to that of the rest of Brockhurst. The temples of Lynnaris and Sylantrope enjoy tax-exempt status and receive endowments from the government and the population. There is currently a proposal to build a new basilica dedicated to The Pantheist League of Churches, but with the fate of the kingdom’s monarchy up in the air, all official plans have been put on hold. Other religions are tolerated but not encouraged.

Known Locations in Hound’s Run

Interior plans of the castle TBA.
[a] Bonded Ostler, Taerin of Gulpaer.
[b] Earl’s Kennels, Berner (doghandler) Kellan of Gilmore

(Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow)
The present Priestess is Cerigan of Felithe, an elderly cripple with a powerful and quick mind.

3 THE WEEPING MAID (Saery of Glenn)
Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
Popular with the local folk. Patrons have been known to get quite rough with fools drunk on Saery’s heady ale.

Gudfriedr1.jpg4 THE PIG AND WHISTLE (Haeri of Ghuelph)
Haeri.jpgSize: 9 Quality: ✰✰✰✰✰ Prices: High
Haeri runs the town’s most prosperous inn. Busy at its slowest, it is always full when the caravans pull through. One third of the inn is owned by Gudfriedr of Haerl, freemaster ostler.

5 GENIN’S REST (Fynygyn of Tyme)
Fynygyn.jpg Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
Fynygyn inherited the inn from his father and has been saving to add more rooms in the future. His inn is more than 300 years old and in sore need of renovations.

6 APOTHECARY (Ael of Rex)
Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

7 CHANDLER (Mido of Chasel)
Size: 8 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
Mido specializes in outfitting caravans and often journeys with them to Brockhurst to restock.

8 CHANDLER (Eran of Quenal)
Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰ Prices: Low

9 CLOTHIER (Cassan of Hiyamm)
Size: 12 Quality: ✰✰✰✰ Prices: High
Cassan comes from South Waelund, near The Pinnacle, a thin peninsula on the Venarian Sea. Although he speaks excellent Laklander, he feels he speaks it poorly, often becoming frustrated and angry when he can’t find the right words to express himself. He left far-off Waelund many years ago and enjoys living in The Kingdom of the Lake. Cassan often sells to the earl and enjoys a close friendship with Lady Elizabeth.

10 HIDEWORKER (Mida of Dalga)
Size: 5 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

11 MASON (Ashata of Falen)
Size: 8 Quality: ✰✰✰✰ Prices: High
Ashata is responsible for the upkeep of the castle.

12 MERCANTYLE (Ruyth of Ashance)
Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰ Prices: Low

13 MERCANTYLER-USURER (Tommas of Cuke)
Size: 16 Quality: ✰✰✰✰✰ Prices: Very High
Usurer___mage.jpegTommas has been financing caravans and other ventures for more than two decades. He owns several buildings in town and more than 450 acres of prime freehold land in surrounding communities, which he farms out. Tommas travels extensively throughout Brockhurst and Finsdale and makes a point of visiting all major markets in The Kingdom of the Lake at least once every two years.

Tommas hires loyal men to protect himself and his interests. He is always accompanied by at least one bodyguard, and he has also hired a Peregrinate Magus, Celwyn the Abstruse. It is rumored that Celwyn can become invisible, which unnerves many of Tommas’s clientelle.

14 METALSMITH (Indalon of Thata)
Size: 5 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

15 MILLER (Thyman of Sael)
Size: 8 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
The ox-driven stone mill is owned by the earl. Thyman is a bonded master miller and is allowed 15% of the mill’s profits.

16 PERFUMER (Akatern of Lemret)
Size: 2 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: High

17 PHYSICIAN (Orhan of Erodal)
Size: 1 Quality: ✰✰✰✰ Prices: Low
Orhan is a devout Lynnarian and has never refused “hardship” cases. He lives simply, desiring none of the trappings of wealth.

18 POTTER (Hassela of Biech)
Size: 7 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

19 SALTER (Sirphet of Ghael)
Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

20 TENTMAKER (Alagra of Vafad)
Size: 8 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
Alagra is a shrewd women and not above using her “womanly wiles” to win business. Despite her reputation, Alagra is a respected merchant in town and is often consulted on economic matters by the earl.

21 WEAPONCRAFTER (Vida of Dev)
Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰✰✰ Prices: High
Vida is a superb swordsmith.

A large hostel and warehouse.

23 WEAPONCRAFTER (Univ of Inain)
Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average

Shak Janakile is a very successful farmer and leases almost 180 acres in Beckinsale. This manor is held by the (estate of) The High King of the Lake and is managed for him by the Bailiff of the Barony of Hoover. Shak’s wife can both read and write, which is rare among common folk; she acts
as a scribe to the bailiff. They have six boys and two daughters, ages 7 through 22.

More Information forthcoming.

Wolfeton Manor

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Town of Hound's Run

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