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Shimmering Kingdoms is a fantasy role-playing game set in a period of high middle ages. It is a feudal society, complete with Chivalric Knights and Winsome Ladies; Kings, Barons, Dukes and Lords; A politically strong Pantheist Church; Wizards in their lofty towers, subsidized by the lords whom they serve; Hedge Wizards, Witches, Sorcerers and Druids, as well as other more sinister Cultists – all living in fear of The Inquisition; Monstrous hordes of Brutes dwelling in the untamed wilds, warring with Barbarian Tribes over the savage lands; Faeries lurk on the fringes of their Sidhe realm, watching and causing mischief (or worse); Sleeping Dragons in their ancient halls, bide their time to return to a position of power over the lands – All these peoples and creatures set the stage for an exciting world full of intrigue, danger, passion, and adventure.

In the civilized realms, the Noblesse are the ruling class (akin to the Normans), lording over the indigenous Seitsmen (think Saxons). The Noblesse, hailing from far across the Shimmering Sea to the east, used their superior weaponry and knowledge of technology to conquer the native peoples, the Seitsmen. They have been able, for the most part, to keep the hordes of Barbarian Humans and Brute Tribes present on the continent at bay, but the borders are ever being challenged.

The Noblesse invasion was generations and generations ago, and they grasp the rest of the land with an iron grip! The affairs of Kings are unsettled in the realms, and with no clear ruler on the throne in Lakeland, the political stage is rife with maneuvering, posturing, and backstabbing (sometimes literally).

The wild lands, on the fringes of civilization and beyond, contain dangers beyond imagining. In addition to the mighty and organized Brutes, there lies the remnants of an ancient and lost society – teeming with ruins and forgotten labyrinths. Ancient and fell magicks, as well as creatures and religions of a bygone time lie in wait for intrepid explorers. Terrific treasures are guarded by terrible creatures, fearsome beyond the comprehension of all but the bravest Knights, or most foolhardy peasants. Even the Brute Kings strive to discover ancient artifacts to aid them in conquering the mighty Humans and taking the land they think rightly theirs.

The myriad wild folk of the land, both tame and uncivilized, combined with the turbulent and politically unrestful times, are an ever-present threat to the comforts of civilized life in THE SHIMMERING KINGDOMS.

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