Amulet of the Ways

Dark Path Navigation


Amulet_of_the_Ways2.pngThe dark paths are a network of magical secret ways certain users of ancient magic use to travel around the realms more quickly than by foot, horse or wagon. The dark paths exist in a different dimension of reality to the ‘real world,’ thus where it might take the normal person seven days to traverse a long distance, one who knows the dark ways can navigate between those same two points in a much shorter time by crossing into the dark. Of course, the dark is where nightmare monsters lurk, and the chances of meeting wandering monsters and evildoers is much increased on these hidden roads. There are also many entrances (and exits) to the underworld, fey realms and the ungaard (the underdark).

To utilize the amulet, the wearer must spend a fate point and pass a Resolve test in order to open the way. The target difficulty is always at least Good (+3), but might range higher depending on distance and the spiritual nature of the journey. The serious cost for a failure would result in a guaranteed negative encounter during the journey, or perhaps getting lost and slipping off the dark path in an unwanted locale (such as the faerie realm). A minor cost for a tie might consume extra time on the journey, or a minor encounter while traversing the dark ways. Success with style could grant a boost of some sort on a future encounter, or may render the travel much quicker than anticipated. Once open, the portal will remain open as long as the one who opened it concentrates to keep it so.


Amulet of the Ways

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