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Magical Traditions

The most important consideration when dealing with magic is choosing the type of magical tradition to be considered. The following are the traditions common (or uncommon) in the Shimmering Kingdoms. Some are readily accepted by society, and others traditions are anathema and considered vile beyond reckoning.

Each tradition has its own narrative and its place and function within the world. When considering playing a spellcaster, consult with the GM for examples of the various traditions (until they can be detailed in these sections).

Each tradition will be expanded on, given time.

Alchemy – Alchemy is an esoteric art whose practitioners are mainly involved with the analysis, reparation, enhancement, and transformation of potions, elixirs, phylters, and various other compounds and concoctions.

Binder – Also known as Summoning – A dark art which allows a mortal to summon, bind, and command creatures from other planes of existence.

Blood Magician – One of the oldest and most primitive forms of magic, based on powerful rituals involving the spilling of blood.

Dabbler – An untrained person with a limited gift for creating magical effects.

Darktouched – The opposite of Green Magic, this is the art of things that are not alive, or ending or destroying life through the art. It also involves the larger concept of the void and nothingness.

Diabolist – The dark and unwholesome art of those who have sold their souls in return for powers and favors.

Diviner – The art of astrology, augury, dream visions, ectomancy, pyromancy, and other forms of omen reading, fortune telling and prediction.

Druid – Similar to Faith, this is the practices of those who follow Gaea and become attuned and infused with her spiritual earth and nature powers.

Elven Mage – This is the magic of the Starborn, the ancient and immortal elves.

The Faithful – Dedicated worship of a god or pantheon, and the knowledge of the powers and rituals used toward that practice.

Fey-Blooded – The art which allows one with Fey blood to create illusions.

Greenbond – The life art of the animist, who deals with the spirits animate within all things—trees, rocks, rivers, ponds, and even the air around him.

Low Caster – Also called Plant and Root Magic, or Hedge Magic, it is the ancient art of the herbalists, drawing magical effects through picking, preparing and mixing plants.

Necromancer – The manipulations of death energies, primarily used in Necormancy.

Runecaster – A magical alphabet that can imbue places or objects with potent magic.

Shapechanger – A magical art which allows one to alter his form into that of one or more animals.

Sorcerer – The unpredictable and oft-times wild magics of those whose blood is tainted by an unusually magical ancestor.

Spiritualist – The art of calling upon ancient spirits to use their knowledge and essences to enhance the self, bless friends and curse enemies.

Sponsored Magus – The art of magic that draws on power sources other than the caster himself, such as faeries and other worldly beings, always for a price.

Warg – The illusive and incomprehensible art of sending one’s psyche out of one’s body, usually for the purposes of inhabiting and controlling other creatures.

Wild Mage – The art of harnessing the wild magical energy that leaks through from the planes beyond (perhaps even piercing the barriers in order to gain access).

Wizard – Also known as Tower Magic – the formulaic art of rigid, practiced technical spellcasting.

Spellcasting Rules

For the most part, every Shimmering Kingdoms tradition of spellcasting uses similar rules in FATE.

Each has Permissions and Costs, including required Aspects and Stunts/Extras. Each uses a magic skill, with the four actions and the four outcomes. Many traditions break down the use of skills into cantrips (minor magic) and spells (more complex castings). Cantrips are usually easily cast and manipulated, while spells have strict requirements and can accomplish much more than cantrips. Some traditions make use of rituals (and some are solely ritual based with no spells or cantrips available).

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