Minor NPCs

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Jimble is a tag-along faerie who seems to have adoped Lord Jason as her protector. She causes no end of mischief.
First Appearance: 2:13 Unintentional Rug

Sir Rhyne will be detailed as the party learns more about him. So far, they know he serves Count Pottersmith-Sinclair, and presumably resides in Sinclair. Sir Rhyne was murdered on the road between Pelham and Redtree, and his murderer, Velen DuKovenny was tracked down and handed over to the authorities..
First Appearance: Lo Felled Knight

Roberin is the faithful squire to Sir Drake of Dawn Keep. He is proud to have become Sir Drake’s squire and brags on his knight at every turn, doubly so when he has been drinking (which is quite often).
First Appearance: Reaping Moon
Born to Noblesse lineage, Cristopher Robel has led a tortured life. It isn’t easy being considered ‘pretty’ and worse that his proclivities bent towards men. He was forced from his home as an adolescent and became employed by a wandering troupe of performers. He did well enough but when his secret was discovered (for he had fallen in love with the beast-man Ronugall) he was beaten within an inch of his life then oiled by the mob and set aflame, left for dead. As it was, a wandering monk of the order of Sinclair’s Holy House, who took him in and nursed him back to health. Preferring the cloistered life and believing Ronugall was dead, Christopher became Crispin, taking both tonsure and cowl and becoming one of the silent brothers of the order. By the time he discovered that Ronugall was still alive, it was too late, the oath was taken. He was truly surprised when his former lover accepted him for all his scars, but his conviction was such that the two of them know they will be forever parted by his vows to the Pantheon.
First Appearance: Offense Taken

While escorting his niece Sandreh to Pelham to deliver a gift and beg a boon from Baron Sir George Grant, Regent of Pelham, the knight and his charge were ambushed by a villainous sorcerer and Sandreh was abducted. After being cured of his maladies (madness), Gareth endeavored to rescue his niece but was captured. Ultimately The Outcasts, determined to see the girl safely home, rescued both Gareth and Sandreh.
Daughter of Lieutenant Shalla of Wheatly’s Rest, Sandreh, along with her uncle Sir Gareth undertook a pilgrimage of sorts to Pelham. On the way, they were intercepted by a sorcerer most foul, and the 9-year-old girl was kidnapped, leaving Gareth’s mind ensorcelled. She was rescued by The Outcasts and delivered home safe, if not mentally sound, for the mind sorcerer Velen had invaded her mind and may have done permanent damage. Hopefully, she’ll recover and not have to spend the rest of her life in an asylum.
First Appearance: Fast Forward
Lord Straithe is Chief Steward to Baron Sir Fabian Fallowdown at Fallowdown Castle. He is a pedantic man with an abrading personality.
First Appearance: Making Acquaintances

A giant of a man, Grigory is a Greenbond member of the Woodwalker troupe. A flamboyant yet mysterious man who is musician, hunter and protector of the Green.
Homeland: Unknown, Kingdom of the Lake
First Appearance: 2:3 Moving Day

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Minor NPCs

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