Torim's Rest


The settlement was founded by two brothers, Lanass and Maed of Kelethin, in late summer of the year 2519, just after the ratification of The Treatise of the Golden Plains. A mercantyler and an innkeeper by profession, respectively, the brothers were inspired by many outpost inns throughout the Kingdom of the Lake, building their inn and trading post upon an ancient Barutheran cairn. This spot was also the site of the Battle of the Rocky Tor (2517). Baron Pelham agreed to allow the brothers settle this spot as a free village, as it was the perfect site for travel between Rustford and Jerrett. He had only one requirement, that the brother’s name the waystop after the Knight who valiantly held the area during the previous battle: Sir Tormund Torrin. Henceforth the trading post became known as Torrin’s Rest.

The men scraped a living with the merchants travelling the trail, as well as trading with the local barbarian tribes within the accords of the treatise. Torrim’s Rest is a favorite spot for the spring and autumn caravans to spend a day or two resting, before continuing to their destinations.

A palisade was added in 2524 after a tribal chieftain was offended and attacked the trading post, leaving 2 apprentices dead. Since that first attack, there have been few incidents, these mostly disputes concerning hunting or logging on a tribe’s land. A few run-ins with small brute bands have led the locals into hiring full-time men-at-arms.

Local tribesmen often visit Torrim’s Rest to purchase metal wares and visit the brothel. A few tribesmen have even chosen a “civilized” life, settling in Torrim’s Rest. Since its beginning, Torrim’s Rest has grown to 15 households. All residents of the village are freemen or posing as freemen, and no one cares either way, for population growth is encouraged. There are approximately 280 cleared acres, farmed by 8 families. Not enough food is farmed to feed the whole village, but this is supplemented by hunting and trading with tribes. Last year the villagers cleared 5 acres of land and this year they may clear another 5. As typical with wilderness settlements, all men and most women are trained with bows and spears. In fact, most men here have leather or quilt armour for emergencies.

The majority of town folk are Pantheists, but Kuthaar and Lightbringer are represented openly. Twice a year, a Pantheist priest visits Torrim’s Rest for marriage ceremonies and other rites. Kuthaaran priests commonly pass through here during the warmer months.
The settlement is situated about halfway between Rustford and Jerrett on the Old Ruins Road.


Torrim’s Rest is a free village, with no serfs. Lanass of Kelethin acts as reeve for the village and controls the local “military force”. For his protection, the residents pay him a sum of their earnings, most of which is in trade. The village has a beedle too, who keeps track of the seeds for next season and decides what is a priority crop. The village survives because of their willingness to work with each other, more than any other fact.

Map Locations

Torrim_s_Rest_Key.png 1 TORRIM’S REST
The village is surrounded by a well kept, 12-foot palisade with a watch tower by the north gate. The gates are closed from sundown until dawn, but a bell by the south gate can be rung to alert a guard for entrance. The caravan commons is where camps are made for the trains whenever they stop here.

2 Inn of the Amber Stone
Size: 7   Quality: ✰✰   Prices: High

Maed.jpgMaed is a solid man of 55 years, with grey hair and beard. He runs the inn with his family and a couple of locals. His wife died years ago, and one daughter married a teamster and now lives in Jerrett. His son and daughter-in-law do most of the work, with the help of Maed’s youngest daughter, who is 23 and a widow. There are also three grandchildren running about the inn, but they are all under the age of 8. Local teenage girls act as serving wenches for the inn, during the busy season when the caravans arrive.

Food and drink here are of below-average quality, but the lack of competition keeps Maed a wealthy man. The rooms are clean and warm, though. During caravan season it is almost impossible to rent a room at the inn, but a generous offer could see another guest evicted.

A stone tower connected to the inn is 35’ tall with a bell on it, to sound during an attack. It has been used outside of practice only once.
The yard has a pair of grain silos, a stable and a small building for the brewing of ales. Maed’s daughter and daughter-in-law are both alewives.

10 Brothel (Ylin of Ruvies)
Size: 7   Quality: ✰✰✰   Prices: Average

Ylin.jpgThis small three-story building is the local brothel, and it is run by Ylin, a Madame from LeFleur. She has five girls who work the caravans during the high season. During the off-season, they have few customers other than pilgrims, random travellers, tribesmen and, of course, Cardin and his men (9). An able-bodied labourer also stays at the brothel as bouncer and man servant. The women also work a couple of small fields but buy most of their provisions from the Kelethins. The girls are shunned by most of the women of the village, but are popular with the men of course. Sadly for the men, the village is too small for infidelities. The girls often work for barter, getting pelts from the tribesmen as payment, which they then sell to Lanass.

12 Falconer (Joril of Dybren)
Size: 4   Quality: ✰✰✰✰✰   Prices: Very High

Joril.jpgJoril is an unattractive man with a pockmarked face and a cleft lip (hair lip). He keeps a full beard to hide his deformity, but it helps little. Still, Joril managed to find himself a bride amongst the local barbarian tribe and she blessed him with a daughter. Joril is happy in his life and is an excellent provider. Joril is one of the best, if not the best falconer on the Shimmering Isles; his birds are sought after by the greatest lords of the land. His brother-in-law, who lives here, hunts for the hatchlings, saving Joril the tedious work. Joril is actively trying to obtain a young wyvern, or even a wyvern egg, and would pay a handsome amount for either. His several trips to Wyvern Wood have proven fruitless, but he refuses to give up.

15 Mercantyler/Chandler (Lanass of Kelethin)
Size: 8   Quality: ✰✰✰   Prices: High

Lanass.jpgLanass is the reeve of Torrim’s Rest as well as its founder, with his brother Maed (2). A tall man of 57 years, he leaves most of the workload to his son Ronudus. Both men share mercantyler and chandler credentials, controlling almost all trade in Torrim’s Rest. All residents have dealt with them at one time or another, but they are fair with the locals. The barbarian tribes who come to Torrim’s Rest are another matter. Lanass regularly cheats the tribesmen and it was this attitude that led to the attack in 2524. Ronudus has little liking for savages as well, but is considerably more tactful than his father. The duo trade heavily in pelts and rare herbs, which are gathered by the tribesmen who crave “civilized” products. Two overworked apprentices perform most of the menial tasks and both are overdue for promotion to journeymen. The household also has Lanass’ wife, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Ronudus has a third child, a son apprenticed in Jorrett.

The compound has the family home, a warehouse/trading post where all the business is done, and two small barns where Lanass keeps his teams of mules and horses. Lanass owns a couple of carts, which are pulled by the horses.


Torim's Rest

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