Village of Ferrett Hold

Ferrett hold

LOCATION: Fallowdown Barony, Kingdom of the Lake
GOVERNMENT: Sir Falstran Ferrett
LIEGE: Baron Fallowdown
POPULATION: Village 115; Manor 12

Ferrett Hold is a fairly unremarkable village, except that the village common anchors the end of the track from Dickon Hold, and the it was built on the site of an ancient Barutheran ruin. This manor farms and raises cattle, as is typical of the southern part of Lakeland. An old settlement, there are only two clans of peasants in this manor. A visitor might find the inhabitants of Ferrett Hold quiet, even furtive.


A young nobleman of house Rynsel returning from the Migration Wars founded Ferrett Hold. As the years passed and the house’s bloodline thinned, the lordship passed to the Ferrett house by marriage. The manor’s out of the way location has spared it much of the ravages of recent war and strife, although brute and barbarian activity sometimes results in the loss of several head of cattle per year. In the recent wars, enemy armies marched and pillaged their way along the Kings Way, but few forces could be bothered to send raiders into the dark forest to the end of the small track.


Sir Falstran Ferrett is Lord of Ferrett Hold Manor and a vassal of Baron Fallowdown. Sir Falstran is a rotund man who weighs over 300 lbs., as much as a cask of his favorite mead. Since the lord is obsessed with mead brewing, his wife, Lady Erlyna, and her mother, Lady Lorlyn, rule the manor except for the Hall Moot.


Like the other villages in the souther part of Lakeland, Ominstru raises cattle instead of sheep. The brushy woodland that surrounds the manor spoils any hope of producing wool, so the farmers concentrate on raising cattle for milk, butter, cheese, and beef. In good years, the village exports its smoked cheeses and meats to Fallowdown in time for the Fair.

Bees and furs from the slopes of the Omin Hills are the manor’s real source of income. Beebee Maunat has carefully distributed his hives around the pastures north of the village. Sir Falstran prizes the clover honey that is gathered, claiming it makes superior mead. The wax from the hives is pressed into brick‐sized cakes before being sold to the chandlers of Fallowdown and Dickon Hold.

Katrin the hideworker sends two large shipments of tanned hides to the ostlers and hideworkers in Fallowdown for use in saddles and armor each year. Rich pelts of sable and bear are sent to the clothiers at midsummer.

Master Roald Day is the manor’s only bonded craftsman, in service to the Baron, and the work for both his guild and the villagers keeps him and his journeymen busy. He crafts fine weapons for the Baron’s soldiers, and his journeymen make household tools and traps for the hideworker. Master Roald is also the Barony’s best tinker and supplies Varybis the Peddlar with items made to order.

Sir Falstran’s love of mead consumes the manor’s privy purse and has sent him deep into debt. His collection of aged meads is worth gold into the hundreds to any discriminating collector in Lakeland, Le Fleur, or Walelund. His emphasis on brewing has been at the expense of other activities, specifically the assart. The fields west of the village have become less and less productive as the forest reclaims those fields.


Lord: Sir Falstran Ferrett
Owes Fealty to: Baron Fallowdown
Acres: 1,080
Market Day – Villagers take goods to Fallowdown once per month, and once per fortnight to Dickon Hold, weather permitting.
Imports: Copper, Iron, Tin, Salt
Exports: Charcoal, Fur & leather, Truffles & potted meat, Wax & Honey, Cheese, Mead

Major personalities:

Loran the Southron – Scholar

Hrogun Urdel

Margaen Astal
Vakkel Arsarl
Roran Arsarl
Thirsen Arsarl

Lirana Panda
Kan Arsarl (Beadle)
Synë Arsarl (Reeve)
Torn Tolonan
Zorna Arsarl
Tarast Nelt
Darbain Nelt

Cherin Faleren
Maunat Faleren (woodward)
Shorka Faleren (Herder)
Habar Asaka
Udar Panda
Soryn Nelt
Ardin Loyril
Bathil Loyril
Aldlë Arsarl

Ketta Andin – Salter (Sign of a Cowʹs Head)
Katrin Astal – Hideworker (No Sign)

The Manor

The Lord and Lady of the Manor

  • Sir Falstran Ferrett is a 41 year old oenophile.
    Rotund and irrepressibly happy, his life’s focus is in crafting his meads. He does not have any idea how far his family is in debt and is content to let his wife attend to daily matters around the manor. He hasn’t ridden in a hunt for years and avoids most of the usual knightly activities, preferring to work in his brewery.
  • Lady Erlyna Ferrett is 43 years old but still as svelte as she was when she was 20. Her elfin features belie a hidden strength. Her marriage to Sir Falstran is her second. Her first husband died in 2504, leaving her a 17‐year old widow. Lady Erlyna works hard to stave off Ferrett Hold’s creditors but knows better than to suggest that her husband sell any of his meads.

Inhabitants of the Manor House

  • Sir Taerq Ferrett (male, 20) is Sir Falstranʹs heir. He is arrogant and vindictive, secure in the knowledge that his social class will absolve him of most of his offenses. Taerq is especially offensive toward merchants and moneylenders. He calls them leeches and carrion crows.
  • Beldis Banadar (male, 17) – a ward of Sir Falstran.
  • Lady Lorlyn Sarebor (58) – Lady Erlyna’s Mother.

Inhabitants of the Manor Kitchen

  • Sorgin Astal (male, 36) – Cook.
  • Haes Loyril (female, 36) – Alewife

Manor Domestics

  • Varancë Arsarl – The beadle’s niece.
  • Saril Panda and Naben Dyren are teenagers that work in the kitchens.


  • Roald Day – Bonded Smith.
  • Varybis Haral is the Barony’s peddler
  • Benly Dyren – Stable Boy


The Ferrett House is a picture of a fading noble family. They were once known for their skill at arms, especially the use of a battleaxe. The family gained the Hold through marriage after the Baronial Revolt. Though once doughty warriors, they have been poor stewards and the manor has declined over the years. They were never renowned for their inventiveness but action has given way to dissipation and the last three lords of the Hold have been gambling drunkards and common gluttons.

Sir Falstran is the latest of this failing line. He is perhaps the last lord, but that remains to be seen. He, like his father before him, is a fool and a better trencherman than knight. He is blissfully content to tinker with his brews or debate the quality of various honeys while the forest reclaims his fields. He is heavily indebted to the moneylender of Fallowdown and his wife has difficulty maintaining their lifestyle.

Most everyone in the Barony calls young Sir Taerq “the Terrible.” The heir to the manor, he is a bully and a thug. At 20, he is widely avoided by peasant and noble alike. He favors flogging those that vex him and carries a quirt at all times for that purpose.

Hanis is eighteen and a squire at Dawn Keep. Not suited for a vigorous life of a mercenary or paladin, he is bound for a heraldʹs life. Hanis is his motherʹs favorite.
Pers has just passed his sixteenth birthday. He is lucky enough to be squired in the Baronʹs household at Fallowdown, but has no ambition to become a landless knight bachelor. He is a timid young man, better suited for a habit than a hauberk.


Thanks to Joe Adams and Geoge Kellin (maps) at Knights of Kaldor for this awesome Hârn Village.

Village of Ferrett Hold

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