Thanks firstly to the following here on OP for help in coding as well as inspiring certain adaptations of the FATE Rules (in no particular order):

º Wolfhound
º SkidAce
º Basileus
º killervp
º Kallak
º Keryth987
º twiggyleaf
º HumAnnoyd

In order to create Shimmering Kingdoms and make it rich in the FATE CORE system, I have selectively adapted rules from the following games:

º Legends of Anglerre
º Skein (Age of Arthur engine)
º FATE of Harn
º Realms – Fate Edition
º FATE Freeport
º Ehdrigohr RPG
º Dungeons of Fate

and other online resources:

º FATEsy Heartbreaker


Shimmering Kingdoms FATE PhoenixMark