The Shimmering Kingdoms campaign has been through many evolutions. Below you will find links to the most recent adventures involving The Outcasts. Below you will find a link to a former campaign (when we used Pathfinder rules): Justly Throned. We hope you enjoy our exploits. Feel free to comment on the Adventure Logs pages, we love comments.

Current Campaign

Brave the Frontier Part II

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Current Storyline

In Brave the Frontier Part I, (Braving the Frontier/There’s Brutes in Them There Hills/Dark Secrets of the Past) a band of heroes were recruited by Baron Fabian Fallowdown to discover the truth of rumors that a shrine across The Damarind Flow held ancient and powerful magics, specifically Wyrdstone. Along the way, they explored the Darkwood, made alliances with the village of Vemlaar, and not only delivered the Wyrdstone, but also discovered the Kjellblaze, soon to become a shrine to the god Pyratus.

They also discovered a plot against the Barony by a wicked wizard named Grickhirt who had developed a command over the local brutes. In an attempt to capture Grickhirt (who had somehow managed to tap into the potential of Wyrdstone), the heroes were defeated in the wizard’s lair; some were captured, others were slain, and the elusive Shadowpaw/Rolryx is believed to have escaped. His body was not found, but there is speculation that Grikhirt’s magic shunted the wily coyote-elf to another plane of existence.

Brave the Frontier, Part II (Braving the Frontier/Securing the Homestead/Dark Neighbors to the North) began with the ransom of Lord Jason Stormhouse and the noble inhabitants of Darkhold, a town that Grikhirt had taken by force just after the heroes defeat. Grikhirt was granted Darkhold and the lands north of Silver Creek, where he and his human and brute armies have now settled.

Upon arriving in Fallowdown, Lord Jason had an audience with the Baron, where Sir Fabian disclosed that on the banks where Silver Creek meets the Damarind Flow, a small abandoned brute camp/hamlet, including a dilapidated keep, had been recently discovered. The village brutes were chased off–apparently the only brutes who knew the craft of canoe making and possess the skill to navigate them. This newly acquired land, which borders on Grickhirt’s granted territory, was in need of someone to take charge, repair and hold. Baron Fallowdown did not offer this post to Lord Jason, he demanded it of him, in part for his heroism despite great odds, and in part as punishment for failure to capture Grickhirt. Lord Jason and the Baron agree that the truce and peace with Grikhirt will not last long, so this new shire, named Silverstorm, was granted to Lord Jason, and he was instructed to recruit staff, men at arms, and village craftsmen with whom Jason shall rebuild the small former brute encampment. A Pantheonist Procta was assigned as the shire’s spiritual advisor, and several of the Baron’s knights were given to Lord Jason for protection.

Lord Jason and his new recruits have begun the rebuilding, only to discover that the keep itself is haunted by the ghost of an ancient dwarf. The exploration and “cleaning/repairing” of the keep is the priority, but as soon as it is suitable for habitation Lord Jason will begin his potentially arduous task of clearing the Darkwood of all dangers, all the while keeping an eye on Grikhirt to make sure he does not violate the terms of peace.

Previous Campaigns


  • 1) Fear for a Friend: Part I ~ Bekus’ Pit
  • 2) Fear for a Friend: Part II ~ Brekart’s Tower
  • 3) Search for a Sword: Part I ~ Bogged Down Pursuit
  • 4) Search for a Sword: Part II ~ Any Tor in a Storm
  • 5) A Distant Tomb
  • 6) Securing a Stronghold: Part I ~ First Things First Undocumented
  • 7) Securing a Stronghold: Part II – Secrets in the Tower Undocumented


laughing_jester.jpgWherein a group of unlikely heroes face the world at large in an attempt to make it a better place for all.
The story Alliances began the new adventures using the FATE Core rules. During the progresion of the story, The Mind of a Child, we were unable to continue the continuity of the game due to a high rate of absences. I apologize for the lack of logs for this period, but I will catch up from my notes when I have the time. We’ve restarted, with The Grande Celebration seeing the addition of two new players and the loss of one of the old ones. We hope you enjoy reading our exploits, and it is my fervent goal to keep up with the adventure logs for this story.

Previous Adventures

Alliances Log_4.10.15.jpg

  • 1:0: Lo Felled Knight
  • 1.1: Reaping Moon
  • 1.2: Largesse Returned
  • 1.3: The Wellspring of Dreams
  • 1.4: Rhyne’s Last JourneyNEW
  • 1.5: Offense Taken ~ Details TBA
  • 1.6: Changing Allegiance ~ Details TBA

The Mind of a Child Log_8.2.15.jpg

  • 2:1 Getting to Know the Neighbors ~ Details TBA
  • 2:2 Into The Badlands ~ Details TBA
  • 2:3 The Gauntlet ~ Details TBA
  • 2:4 Fast Forward ~ Details TBA

The Grande Celebration Grande_Celebration.jpg

Part One: The Spider Farm
  • 3:1 Goings On… and On
  • 3:2 Rough Start
  • 3:3 Shadowfighters
  • 3:4 Storm On
  • 3:5 The Spider Farm

Part Two: Not Our Feud

  • 3:6 Between Rocks and Hard Places
  • 3:7: Between Rocks and Hard Places ~ Details TBA
  • 3:8: Ruald’s Retreat ~ Details TBA
  • 3:9: The Roof Debt ~ Details TBA
  • 3:10: Wolfwood ~ Details TBA
  • 3:11: Tempest Takes Flight ~ Details TBA

A Kingless Throne KinglessThrone.jpg

  • 4:1: Brindon Bound

From here, all record of the adventurers were lost to obscurity. (The GM stopped posting, and then we switched to the Pathfinder system and a different WIKI.)

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