Character Concept

Who am I? Where do I come from? What was my childhood like? What do I do, now that I am all grown up?

These and many others are questions you will ask yourself when you sit down to create your character. This process is usually a collaborative effort between the players and the storyteller.

The fuel of the FATE system are ASPECTS (It is suggested you read the Aspects section first).

This CHARACTER CONCEPT section is set up to help you determine the Aspects for your character.

Character Concept

Think about your character concept. The world of Shimmering Kingdoms will provide great inspiration, and give you a wide range for your choices.

In order to determine your High Concept, Trouble and other Aspects:

A) Decide on your character’s Racial Background and think about your Social Station. Every person has a place in the world, even if they don’t much like it.

B) Determine your character’s Social Background – under what circumstances was the character raised? who were the character’s parents? etc.

C) Based on your choices above, choose an appropriate Occupation.

D) Next, look through the Characteristics section, jotting notes for your character if you see anything there that sparks your imagination:

Details like Name, Gender, Age, Appearance, and Personality.
— The Character’s Nature
— The Hero’s Reputation, if any.
— Any annoying Complications that may make life difficult.
— Whether the character has taken an Oath or made any Allegiancess, which may include a Belief System, Loyalty or Fealty to a Person or Group, Nation or City, or one of the myriad Organizations in the campaign.

You should write up FIVE Aspects for your character, starting with your:

1. High Concept
2. Trouble

And three others Aspects which may include the following:
Racial Background and/or Social Background
— A Virtue/Vice, influenced by the Nature section.
— A Sworn Oath or any major Allegiances.
— Or any other dominant Aspect that you may come up with.

Additionally, you may choose up to FIVE Specialty Aspects.

Specialty Aspects are usually more fluid than regular aspects. This might reflect a less impacting story element, such as IN SERVICE TO THE BARON (an externally imposed duty or fealty), or MY GRANDMOTHER’S PENDANT (representing a magic item the character possesses which is actually part of the character and not easily lost or stolen).

HERE is an article on creating good Aspects.

If you need examples to get an idea for your character, this HUGE LIST might help.

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Character Concept

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