Fillendri Elves

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Fillendri Elves are aloof guardians of the forest kingdom of Filléndri, studying magic and swordplay for the duration of their long lives. They average 5 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. They have fair skin and hair of silver-white, golden, or light blue. They live on fruits and grains and also hunt for fresh meat. When in their homeland, they prefer to wear colorful clothes and wear nature hues of browns and greens which blend into the colors of the forest when traveling.

They appreciate beautiful things, from elegant jewelry to attractive flowers to decorate their clothing and tools. It is rare to see one of these elves outside their homeland, and those that venture outside the safety of the forest tend to be outcasts, even having been banished from their homeland. The occasional entourage of elven diplomats may be encountered on major thoroughfares. Elves never mate with any other race, it is a social taboo and a biological impossibility.

Fillendri Elves dwell in the Elven Kingdom of Filléndri, nestled in a long valley surrounded by nearly impassable mountain ranges. There are very few roads leading into Filléndri, and all such egresses are dutifully patrolled and garrisoned by the finest of Queen Elianna’s Border Guard.

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Fillendri Elves

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