Iceholm Gnomes


Gnomes, also called Iceholm, are a rare sight in most of the kingdoms since they hail from the northern regions of Rottbaum and Norlund. They are used to the bitter cold and find the southern climates unpleasantly warm and not to their liking. Those who do venture south are surely a most enigmatic race. They are inquisitive and strive to experience life to the fullest, even becoming reckless. They are a curious race and will endeavor to inquire and experiment until they are satisfied that they fully understand the nature of an object (or situation). They can be wantonly destructive and seem to blur the boundaries of personal possessions. They are short, no taller than 3 feet tall, and their skin is usually fair with sandy to dark brown hair. They are fastidious with their grooming habits and are usually impeccably dressed.

• Language: Common, Gnomish.
• Additional Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Norse, Rottongue.

The Gnomish homeland is the northernmost part of the continent, but those who have migrated into the rest of the kingdoms have formed small communities in the Kingdom of the Lake, Le Fleur, Rotbaum, Drakus, Walelund, Norlund, Cael.

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Iceholm Gnomes

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