Key Items

Magical Items

These are unique items or objects that are bestowed with magical properties. They may or may not be listed on the Items page.

Amulet of the Ways, opens a portal to the dark paths.
Blackslash, and ancient Barutheran blade.
The Bloody Tapestry, possibly cursed.
Belt of the Veteran, passes on endurance of veterans past.
Castighan Crossbow, an otherworldly weapon.
Slendrim Blade, a mysterious weapon, possibly of demonic origin.
Wyrdstone, a magical crystalline ore. Believed to have fallen from the heavens. Creatures who touch wyrdstone become transformed.

Mundane Items

These are items of a more mundane fashion and would not necessarily appear on the Items page.

Funnycakes, a delectable treat.
Mortis, a cart horse.
Rubywood, fine and hard wood with a reddish hue.

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Key Items

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