Lightfoot Halflings


Lightfoot Halflings (or “Lightfeet” due to their penchant for wanderlust), are at home no matter where they are.

Generally, Lightfeet are easy going and adaptable, and most of them never stay in one place for very long. They may settle in a human town (or even a halfling community) for a year or two, working and trading, and then pick up their stakes and move on for reasons known only to themselves. All Lightfeet claim to be related to all other halflings, lightfeet or otherwise, either through marriage or direct descendancy, and they use the word “cousin” to greet nearly any other Halfling they meet. This usually perturbs the other halflings. These diminutive creatures stand no higher than 3 feet tall with most topping off at 2 feet 3 inches. They have ruddy complexion and they usually keep their dark hair braided or tucked into tails or topknots.

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Lightfoot Halflings

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