Luskin's Lads

Minions of Sir Borace Luskin

Luskin’s Lads are the henchmen of Sir Borace Luskin. They once worked (loosely) for The Red Cloaks, serving as thugs and road bandits, and general muscle and intimidation when called upon. That was before they encounted Sir Borace and his friends. Although a few in their bandit camp managed to escape (or died in the encounter), the knight cowed many of them into surrender. As they traveled with The Outcasts back to more settled regions, facing arrest and punishment for their banditry, they realized the stellar opportunity they’d been given when Sir Borace offered to take them on as paid men-at-arms.

Luskin’s Lads were born, though who invented the name nobody really knows. One could reason that the nickname was better than Borace’s Brutes, but not by much.

Most of the lads reside at Woodpass Manor, working for Sir Borace and The Outcasts as guards at Reavehome, the shrine to Kwyrth. Others serve as messengers, informants, spies, men at arms, or in any other position their individual skill sets warrant. Sir Borace has placed other members of the former bandit gang in various towns and villages and serve primarily as contacts, and some returned to the Red Cloaks to act as spies for the Outcasts. They have become loyal men (the solid pay and regular meals help), but sometimes Sir Borace must flex the proverbial gauntlet to keep these once-criminals in line.

The following are the core members of Luskin’s Lads who accompany Borace/reside at Woodpass Manor :

Aymon_of_Sinclair.jpgAymon of Sinclair
Aymon is one of those people that one simply fears. A thug through and through, he is nonetheless very reserved, not given to outbursts. He is crafty and is patient, and you never know exactly what he is thinking, but whatever it may be, it cannot be good. He rarely speaks, but when he does, his comrades listen, for it is usually important. It follows that Aymon keeps to himself. He has a reputation for noticing ambushes before they happen.

Tybost_Fangleaf.jpgTybost Fangleaf
Tybost Fangleaf is the bastard son of a petty noble from Brockhurst (his surname comes from the Fangleaf Forest). He was disowned when he was barely able to walk, fostered out (i.e. sold) to Lord Crennelham in Sinclair. Crennelham was brutal to the child, and essentially gave him over to the captain of his personal guard for raising. Tybost, bereft of any kindness in his life, killed his first man at the age of twelve and has subsequently slain thirteen others in the course of his rough life. All of the deaths were either during his training, in the duty of his profession, or in relatively legal challenges. He is a regular drunk and womanizer. Of all the Lads, he is the best trained in use of the sword.

Garit_Dronst.jpgGarit Dronst
Garit hails from a long line of ne’er-do-wells, and so far is the first of his living relatives (which includes his father, two uncles and three aunts, and six siblings) who have not seen the inside of a gaol cell. He has a quick tongue which makes him popular with the ladies (he’s a flatterer). His skill at communication has gotten him out of many a tight situation. If left to his own devices, Garit would spend all his time (and money) at the tavern, drinking, gambling and carousing.

Huon_the_Hurt.jpgHuon the Hurt
Huon is an amiable fellow who was once in the service of the Reggun Blackthorn, Reeve of Norwickshire, Brockhurst. He was an upstanding officer but was wounded in a confrontation between officers following Reggun and a handful of knights from Brockhurst City who they caught (presumably) poaching on the Earl’s lands. Huon was the only one to survive. He nearly lost his leg from the wound one knight served him. The knights left him for dead, and to this day he fears going back home in case he would be recognized. In his former bandit camp, he was responsible for going on supply runs, as he was the only one who knew how to drive a cart.

Malculms_Seven_Fingers.jpgMalculms Seven Fingers
Malcums, as his name suggests, has lost several digits. The first two were taken as punishment for stealing and the third he lost during a break-in when it was sliced by the thin wire of an enemy’s garrotte as Mal defended himself from the attack. He always wears gloves to hide his disfigurement. Malcums is a decent second-story man who worked as a time in Stinger’s Livery in the Town of Sinclair before he was let go (to put it nicely) when he was caught short-changing the master’s till. He is a good groom and could make a decent living if not for his penchant of having greedy fingers.

Maygna.jpgMaygna Springer
No prettied and perfumed guild courtesan, Maygna clawed her way through the streets of Finsdale’s Low Ward as a nimble-fingered cutpurse. At age thirteen she was (by force) recruited into the The Red Cloaks and put to work as a distraction for the guild’s purse snatchers and muggers, and later as a professional hure (prostitute), where she was expected to case homes, spy, and even assassinate hapless victims. An unfortunate accident placed her in the limelight of Finsdale’s Ravensguard, and of necessity she was transferred out of the city to the nearby town of Sinclair, where she was an informant working with a group of forest bandits.

Luskin’s Lads

High Concept: Sir Borace’s Men.
Trouble: Used to Be Bandits (and Some of Us Still Are)
Other Aspects: We’ll Get the Job Done, Well Paid Thugs
Quality: Great (4)
Great (+4): Provoke
Good (+3): Melee Combat, Physique
Fair (+2): Brawling, Profession [see individuals below]
Average (+1): Stealth, Larceny


  • Enough Talk! (Provoke)
    Use Provoke instead of Melee Combat in the first round of a conflict to make a physical attack.

Stress: OOOØ
Consequences: Mild (2) x1

Currenty Active Members:

Huon the Hurt ~ Profession [Driver]
Malcums Seven Fingers ~ Profession [Groom]
Tybost Fangleaf ~ Profession [Guardsman]
Aymon of Sinclair ~ Profession [Guardsman]
Garit Dronst ~ Profession [Gambler]
Maygna Springer ~ Profession [Hure]

Current Advances:
  • Strength in Numbers x2: You have more than one ally! The first time this advance is taken, you gain 2 additional allies (for a total of 3) that are all identical (statistically, anyway). Each additional time this advance is taken gives you 3 more allies. However, there is a drawback: These hordes of minions are limited to the Leader’s Quality-2, not -1 as is typical for a single companion. Also, Minions only get a number of Stress boxes equal to their Quality, not their Quality +1.
  • Quality x3: [Great Quality minions] Companions start at Average (+1) quality, and may be improved one step per advance spent on quality. Quality reflects skills, and how resilient the companion is. Companions get one stress point, plus one for each point of quality; they also get a single skill column (instead of a pyramid) with a number of skills equal to their Quality. So, a Good (+3) quality companion has 1 Good, 1 Fair and 1 Average skill and 4 stress; a Fair (+2) quality companion has 1 Fair and 1 Average skill and 3 stress.
  • Skilled: Each time this advance is taken, an additional “column” of skills is added to the companion’s sheet. But this is at diminishing returns; each column after the first starts one rank lower than the previous. So a Good quality companion with the Skilled advance taken twice would have 2 Good, 3 Fair, and 3 Average skills in total. A third advance would only add 1 Average skill, and a fourth advance would be wasted. A Great quality companion who takes the Skilled advance 4 times would end up with a “blunted” skill pyramid that’s 1 Superb shy of being equal to a PC!
  • Stunt: This advance allows the companion to take a single stunt. It doesn’t let the companion take companions or minions themselves. It may be taken multiple times, up to a maximum of the character’s own number of stunts, minus 1.

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Luskin's Lads

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