Mountain Dwarves


The Delveborn

The grand and gilded halls of Tulmadin is located beneath the lofty peaks of the Great Spine of the Kingdoms. The Dwarven folk who reside within are as sturdy and formidable as the mountains themselves. They are an ancient race, and it is said that their presence in the Shimmering Kingdoms predates even the elves and the Gaelic races (the original humans on the continent).

Dwarves of the Mountain, also known as Delveborn, are stocky and wide, with hair color ranging from sandy blond to deep rust. They are fiercely honorable, and once their loyalty is earned Dwarven custom forbids breaking that bond. Such is the connection between Tulmadin and the Kingdom of the Lake, for it is the Delveborn who, as a bonding gesture of fealty, built the great dam which formed the great lake whence the kingdom is named.

• Standard Language: Common, Dwarven.
• Other Languages: Brutish, Drummish, Giantish, King’s Tongue, Laklander, Uarven.

Mountain Dwarves reside inside the mountain Kingdom of Tulmadin.

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Mountain Dwarves

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