Occupations and Character Types

This Occupations page is a work in progress. As I have free time, I will flesh out the entries. Also, if a player chooses one of these archetypes for their character, I will fast-track the details.



Character creation in Shimmering Kingdoms can be very freeform if you want it to be. You can select aspects, skills, and stunts to assemble exactly the character you have in mind. There aren’t any artificial restrictions to prevent you doing this.

At the same time, characters within this fantasy setting tend to conform to one of several archetypes, from heroic warriors to cunning thieves, noble priests to arcane wizards. This section looks at how to create characters belonging to those archetypes.

These archetypes are called occupations. Once you have an idea of your Social Station and Social Background you can use these archetypes to choose your character type. These archetypes include: fighters, magic users, priests, rogues, and a catch-all category, called “professional”. Sample builds for many of these occupations are included, showing you how you can customize an occupation still further. So, you can create a fighter character who’s an archer, or an athletic swashbuckler, and they’ll perform differently in play.

These aren’t the only occupations, of course. You are encouraged to make your own if you don’t find one here you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shimmering Kingdoms is a living, breathing world, with historical precedents. Consult with your Storyteller to ensure that your character fits within the established structure of the fantasy world. For instance, it would be more common for a Seitsman peasant to become an Archer (Fighter), Scavenger (Rogue) or Thief (Rogue), than take an occupation such as Noble (Professional), Wizard (Magic User) or Knight (Fighter).

Occupations and Occupation Aspects

If you decide to take an occupation, you should also take an occupation aspect, which may be as simple as “Fighter” or the name of a build, or as colorful as you like. You don’t have to take an occupation, but you’ll get some extra cool abilities if you do. Some occupations “unlock” certain restricted stunts, for example, or even provide completely unique ones for their members.

The following broad occupations contain sample builds indicating the sorts of characters you can create.

Always remember: Shimmering Kingdoms isn’t a game where you’re restricted to rigid templates or sets of abilities, and occupations and builds aren’t straitjackets to limit you, but just guidelines to help you do even more cool stuff. Feel free to strike out on your own!

Sample Occupations
Fighter Sword and Shield Fighter
Large Weapon Warrior
Light Footman
Agile Swashbuckler
Phalanx Fighter
Barbarian Warrior
Martial Artist
Magic User See Magical Paths
Priest Prospective
Cleric (See Magical Paths)
Rogue Thief
Professional Artificer


The classic fantasy warrior, from individualistic fighters specializing in one-to-one combat, to trained soldiers skilled at fighting in formation.

Stunts Unlocked: Combat Awareness (Melee Weapons), Cleave (Melee Weapons), Combat Dodge (Athletics), Advanced Combat Dodge (Athletics), Weapons Specialist (Melee Weapons) (Missile Weapons)

Fighter Occupation Stunts

Access to Restricted Equipment Requires Military Training and appropriate aspect (such as Knight, Ship Captain, etc)
You can select from restricted items of equipment.

Armor Training
You’re trained to wear and use armor effectively, eliminating one Armor Aspect.

Advanced Armor Training Requires Armor Training
You’re trained in one type of armor intensively, eliminating all Armor Aspects.

Formation Training (Melee Weapons) Requires Military Training and an appropriate aspect (such as Phalanx Fighter, below)
You gain a +2 bonus to combat actions made when fighting in a formation.

Military Training (Melee Weapons)Requires an appropriate occupation aspect (Warrior, Soldier, etc)
You know exactly where to place your blows for maximum effect, gaining a +1 damage bonus.

Sample Build: Sword and Shield Fighter

The sword and shield fighter is your typical fighting man, from Seitsmen Mercenaries and Foot Soldiers, Noblesse Elite troops or Knights, to Barbarians trained in civilized combat.

Aspects: Tribal Warrior, Knight in Shining Armor
Key Skills: Melee Combat
Basic Stunts: Military Training, Weapon Specialist (Long Sword), Shield Training, Flawless Parry, Riposte
Advanced Stunts: Turnabout, Cleave Through Hordes, Crippling Strike, Whirlwind Attack
Equipment: Long Sword, War Shield, Chain Armor, maybe a riding animal

Sample Build: Large Weapon Warrior

The use of large weapons is reserved for sanctioned armies, however barbarian hordes also love their large axes and mauls.

Aspects: No talk – just kill!
Key Skills: Physique, Melee Combat
Stunts: One Hit to the Body, Military Training, Weapons Specialist (Great Sword, Great Axe, Maul), Herculean Strength, Cleave
Advanced Stunts: Great Blow, Thick-Skinned, Flawless Parry, Made of Steel, Riposte
Equipment: Great Sword, appropriate armor

Sample Build: Light Footman

Light foot are the fundamental troop type, and form the bulk of most standing armies, typically comprised of the serfs and freemen who live off their lord’s land.

Aspects: My lord commands me to the front lines
Key Skills: Physique, Melee Combat
Stunts: TBA
Advanced Stunts: TBA
Equipment: Homemade weapons, farm implements, sometimes spear and shield, and a knife or dagger, leather armor

Sample Build: Agile Swashbuckler

Highborn members of haughty cultures like the Kingdom of LeFleur prefer to use gentlemen’s weapons, rather than hack at each other with heavy swords. These practices have become increasingly popular across the Kingdoms, and amongst nearly every level of society.

Aspects: Watch my flickering blade!
Key Skills: Athletics, Notice, Melee Combat
Basic Stunts: Ready For Anything, Combat Awareness, Combat Dodge, Flawless Parry, Riposte
Advanced Stunts: Advanced Combat Dodge, Turnabout, Tactical Advantage, Fancy Footwork
Equipment: Rapier, Leather Armor, Dressy Clothes

Sample Build: Archer

Every villager is expected to practice archery in preparation for being called into service by their lord. Archery is also one of the only events in the Royal Circuit of Tournaments open to the peasantry.

Aspects: You never even saw me
Key Skills: Missile Combat, Stealth, Notice
Basic Stunts: Military Training, Weapon Specialist (Bow), Defensive Archery, Stay on Target, In Plain Sight
Advanced Stunts: Quick Shot, Lightning Hands, Reflex Shot, Long Shot, Master of Shadows
Equipment: Bow, Leather Armor, Short Sword

Sample Build: Phalanx Fighter

The great powers of the Kingdoms keep standing armies, usually hailing from the lower classes of Seitsmen and Noblesse. Their members undergo heavy training and are considered a valued commodity.

Aspects: Built like a brick wall, Stay in position!
Key Skills: Melee Combat, Physique
Basic Stunts: Military Training, Armour Training, Shield Training, Weapon Specialist, Formation Training
Advanced Stunts: Advanced Armour Training, Flawless Parry, Riposte, Turnabout, Group Combo
Equipment: Appropriate armor, 1-handed weapon and shield OR 2-handed long weapon

Sample Build: Barbarian Warrior

The barbarian and brute hordes are generally savage warriors who learn wild and unorthodox methods for killing their foes.

Aspects: Unsophisticated, Close to Nature, Massive Thews, Suspicious of Magic
Key Skills: Physique, Survival
Basic Stunts: Herculean Strength, Savage Fighter, Cleave, Tracker, One Hit To The Body
Advanced Stunts: Solo Combo, Thick-Skinned, Made of Steel, Animal Companion, Now You’ve Made Me Mad
Equipment: Tattoos, 2-handed weapon, hides and furs, maybe a riding animal

Sample Build: Martial Artist

Martial Artists are incredibly rare in the Shimmering Kingdoms. There are no eastern philosophies, therefore there are no cultural similarities to the martial arts movie traditions. There are, however, a few secluded established locations that promote a similar mindset. Characters trained under such schools are very rare, and require GM approval, as well as working out details of the facility and their style of training.

Aspects: Lean and Ascetic, Mystic Fighter, Peripheral Awareness, In the thick of combat there is no “I”, No Mind
Key Skills: Brawling, Athletics, Notice
Basic Stunts: Martial Artist, Combat Awareness, Flying Kick, Combat Dodge, Flow Like Water
Advanced Stunts: Advanced Combat Dodge, Demoralizing Stance, Danger Sense, Bend Like the Reed, Lethal Weapon
Equipment: Robes

Magic User

You’re skilled in the manipulation of magical energies.

There are a multitude of magical traditions in Shimmering Kingdoms. See Magical Paths for more information on the individual types of magic using characters.

Stunts Unlocked: See “Magic User Occupation Stunts” below, plus Special Ability Stunts.

Weaknesses and Limitations: Each path requires differing weaknesses or limitations, such as the need for Magical Skill and Magic Stunts, or requiring the caster carry a magicians’ staff, etc. The details are described under the individual paths.

Abilities: Magical specialization is required – select a specialization, such as elementalist, necromancer, summoner, etc. These specializations may restrict which magic skills you can choose.

Magic User Occupation Stunts

NOTE: These are subject to change as they were not created in tandem with the Magic Rules developed for this game.

Area Effect Requires Multicast and two other power stunts
For a Fate point, you can affect all the targets in a single zone.

Distance Casting Requires Scrying and two other power stunts
For a Fate point, you can affect targets at long distances. Each point of additional range on the Organization Scale Table reduces the effective skill level by 1 (so, using a power on a target anywhere in the world would be a -7 to skill level). If the target isn’t in sight treat it as a hidden target.

Duration Casting Requires two other power stunts
You can extend your spell durations by one step per shift.

Great Casting Requires at least two power stunts
For a Fate point, you can affect targets beyond your usual scale range; each point of spin may be used to affect an additional point of scale.

For example: a human (scale 2) sorcerer casts a fireball against the Dragon of Hast (the size of a small mountain, scale 5) and achieves 7 shifts, for 2 points of spin. Normally a human sorcerer wouldn’t even be able to target the Dragon; with this stunt, the sorcerer can use 1 point of spin to target it with the fireball, doing 4 points of stress damage (7 shifts minus 3 points for the spin).

Magical Genius
You’re an acknowledged authority in a specific field of magical knowledge, such as enchantments, magical creatures, and so on. You must have a Magic Skill associated with that field. Even if your skill level is low, it just means you’re towards the bottom of the elite circles of your field. You receive a +1 bonus to any Lore skill rolls pertaining to your field. Additionally, pick a specialization within your field (like fire demons, the Plane of Sorrow, or Suvethian Enchantments); the skill bonus is +2 for that specialization, and research efforts resolve one time increment faster.

Magical Theory in Practice Requires Magical Genius
You can start babbling about some abstruse magical theory relating to the situation at hand (the player must play this out), and even if it’s completely crackpot, your committed belief in it can translate into real effect. For a Fate point, and only once per scene, you can use any Magic skill instead of nearly any other skill, subject to the Story Teller’s approval. This is a magical effect. If the roll is a failure, you take a Minor consequence (such as “Crestfallen” or “Magical Feedback”) to reflect the weight of your failure. If it is a tie, you take the consequence but the effect succeeds. Otherwise, great! It works!

Eldritch Skill Requires Magical Theory in Practice
You substitute one of your Magic skills for another non- magic skill so often that it’s second nature. This still counts as a spell: it detects as magic, requires words and gestures, and suffers from whatever limitations that magic skill has.

Mass Effect Requires Great Casting and two other power stunts
For a Fate point, you can affect constructs with the Anti- personnel Armour stunt, causing 1 stress damage per point of spin.

Multicast Requires two other power stunts
You can affect one additional target per shift generated; you don’t have to specify how many targets you’re targeting before making the roll.

You can both use a power and perform another action in a single exchange, such as attacking with a weapon and casting a spell. Each roll suffers a -2 penalty; if one roll fails, so does the other. This allows two full actions, as long as one is a spell.

Subtle Casting
You can cast spells without obviously chanting or making gestures – maybe just a mumbled word or twitch of a hand. At the Story Teller’s discretion you can combine this with a Deceive action to pretend to cast a different spell. You can also increase the difficulty to analyse the spell’s effects after casting (for example, by magically camouflaging or hiding something) by +2, in addition to any shifts the user expends to conceal his action.

Sample Builds

Each magical path may have any number of sample builds. See the individual paths for details.


Priests include temple clergy, shamans and druids, and holy warriors. Choose a god to worship, or you may select the Church of the Pantheist League. If you are a Faith Caster, this will determine the powers available to you.

Stunts Unlocked: See “Priest Occupation Stunts” below, plus Special Ability Stunts. Note that there are non-magical Priest occupations.

Abilities: If you are a Faith caster, you may select magic skills appropriate to your deity’s nature. For example, worshippers of a God of War and Poetry, or of Nature and Healing, will have access to corresponding power skills. You should include your deity in your occupation aspect (ie “Initiate of the God of War”), which you can invoke whenever you use your deity’s powers.

Priest Occupation Stunts

NOTE: These are subject to change as they were not created in tandem with the Magic Rules developed for this game.

Cleric Magic Stunts

Priestly occupation magic stunts vary widely, including stunts related to the deity’s powers. They include:

Area Prayer
See “Area Effect” above.

Distance Prayer
See “Distance Casting” above.

Duration Prayer
See “Duration Casting” above.

Divine Servitor Requires Initiate
A priestly version of the Magical Ally stunt, varies by deity.

Terms like “initiate”, “devotee”, and “champion” measure your devotion to your god. This stunt gives you a +1 bonus with your god’s powers. You must take a geas aspect.

Devotee Requires Initiate
You’ve devoted your life to your deity’s service. You get a +2 bonus with one of your god’s powers, and must take the geas aspect “Use your powers only in the service of your god”.

Champion Requires Devotee
This stunt unlocks the Divine Champion epic occupation (TBA). You must take a future aspect, fulfilling which allows you to become a divine champion.

Great Prayer
See “Great Casting” above.

Mass Effect
See “Mass Effect” above.

See “Multicast” above.

Quick Prayer
See “Quickfire” above.

Sun Bolt You must be a cleric of Pyratus and have two other power stunts
For a Fate point, you may summon a bolt of sunfire to strike the unworthy. You can only do this when the sun is visible in the sky above you, and your target may not be a worshipper of Pyratus. If successful, it causes an automatic Physical consequence on the target.

Waterspout You must be a cleric of Ambio and have two other power stunts
For a Fate point, you may summon a waterspout to strike the unworthy. You may only do this on a sizable body of water such as a lake or sea, and your target may not be a worshipper of Ambio. This stunt ignores the Anti-personnel Armour stunt, and if successful causes an automatic Physical consequence on the target. It’s often used against ships or sea monsters.

Priest Stunts


Sample Build: Prospective/Postulate

• Aspects: Acolyte of The Great Church, Postulate of Sylantrope
Key Skills: Empathy, Healing, Lore (Philosophy), Lore (Religious Lore), Lore (Planar Lore), Languages, Professions, Rapport
• Basic Stunts: TBA
• Advanced Stunts: TBA
• Equipment: Holy Symbol, Acolyte’s Robes

Sample Build: Ordained, Monk/Nun, Priest



You live by your wits, whether picking pockets, hiding out in the deep forests, pursuing a life of piracy on the high seas, or exploring new lands.

Stunts Unlocked: Combat Dodge, Advanced Combat Dodge, Combat Awareness; see “Occupation Stunts” below.

Rogue Occupation Stunts

Band of Brothers
Once per session, you may spend a Fate point to call upon your brotherhood, gang, or guild for aid. Treat these as minions, with the Strength in Numbers advance and three other advances.

Nine Lives
Similar to the Death Defiance stunt, once per session you may pay all your Fate points but one to turn a taken out result into a permanent aspect reflecting your near miss with death. The first tag on this aspect is free. All damage sustained prior to the attack which caused the taken out result remains.

You get a +1 to all Contacts, Rapport, Lore (Streetwise) and Create and Advantage rolls relating to “life on the street”.

Access to Restricted Equipment Requires an appropriate aspect (such as Contacts in the Criminal Underworld, Fence, etc)
You can select from restricted items of equipment.

Sample Build: Thief

Aspects: Light-fingered, Poor grasp of the concept of ownership
Key Skills: Larceny, Stealth
Basic Stunts: Trap Sense, Lock Master, Mental Map, Pickpocket, Lightfoot
Advanced Stunts: Trespass Tempo, Master Thief, Cool Hand, Sucker Punch, Like the Wind
Equipment: Leather Armour, Blackjack, Knife, Thieves’ Lockpicks and Tools, Rope

Sample Build: Ranger

Aspects: Forest Guardian
Key Skills: Missile Combat, Notice, Survival. Some Rangers may take the Magical Dabbler skill, or other magical skills related to nature.
Basic Stunts: Defensive Archery, Due North, Tracker, Animal Friend, Trackless Step
Advanced Stunts: Animal Companion, Call of the Wild, Hunter’s Grace, Stay on Target, Danger Sense
Equipment: Leather Armor, Bow, Long Sword

Sample Build: Pirate

Aspects: Grizzled and salty, Avast me hearties!
Key Skills: https://shimmering-kingdoms-fate.obsidianportal.com/wikis/skills#Professions (Pilot), Athletics, Larceny
Basic Stunts: Corsair’s Instincts, Sea Legs, Sea Dog, Combat Dodge, Mental Map
Advanced Stunts: Weathered Mariner, Personal Vessel, Naval Tactician, Trap Sense, Master Thief
Equipment: Cutlass, Earrings, Flamboyant Clothing

Sample Build: Explorer

Aspects: Driven to distraction by empty spaces on a map, See – just over yonder mountain – that’s it!, ’Tis but a minor setback!
Key Skills: Lore, Survival, Resolve
Basic Stunts: Scholar (Geography), It’s Academic, Linguist, Due North, Smooth Recovery
Advanced Stunts: Ride Anything, Unflappable, Inner Strength, Gift of Tongues, Still Standing
Equipment: Maps and Charts, Camping Gear, Compass or Lodestone

Sample Build: Scavenger

Aspects: Sssh – I don’t think they’re using it!, It’s amazing what people throw away, Pockets and bags full of stuff, It might only be junk to you!
Key Skills: Larceny, Stealth, Survival
Basic Stunts: Lock Master, Mental Map, In Plain Sight, Quick Exit, Lightfoot
Advanced Stunts: Like the Wind, Master Thief, Master of Shadows, Vanish, Shadow Strike
Equipment: Jemmy, Shortsword, Scavenged Items

Sample Build: Bard

Aspects: Come let me tell you a tale…, Plucks the Heart Strings, If music be the food of love
Key Skills: Craft (Art, Music), Rapport, Empathy. Some Rangers may take the Magical Dabbler, Glamour, or other magical skills related to their background.
Basic Stunts: Cold Read, Virtuoso, Best Foot Forward, Cantrip, Moving Performance
Advanced Stunts: Blather, Razor Tongue, Heart’s Secret, All the World’s a Stage, Hit them where it Hurts
Equipment: Musical Instrument, Florid Clothes, Rapier or other 1-handed weapon


Professionals include Artificers, Merchants, Diplomats, and Nobles.

Stunts Unlocked: Respected Leader, Quake Before Me; see “Occupation Stunts” below.

Professional Occupation Stunts

The Ties That Bind
You’re the product of generations of secret agreements and family ties. You get a +1 on any Resources, Contacts, or Rapport rolls drawing on your connections.

Air of Authority
You always seem to know what you’re talking about. Within your area of expertise, you get a +1 bonus to all attempts to order people around.

Sample Build: Artificer

Aspects: Let me have a look at that, Eternal Tinkerer, Ah – I see how it works!
Key Skills: Crafts, Resources, Resolve, Contacts
Basic Stunts: Apprentice, Personal Device, Crafter’s Connections, Good as New, Inner Strength
Advanced Stunts: Journeyman, Professional Stunt (Engineer, Armourer, etc), Traps, Personal Magical Item (requires Magical Aspect such as “Enchanter”), Still Standing
Equipment: Professional Tools, Bag of Bits, Thingummy

Sample Build: Merchant

Aspects: Purveyor of the Finest Wares, You want it – I can get it, Money makes the world go round, Nouveau Riche
Key Skills: Resources, Deceive, Rapport, Contacts
Basic Stunts: Blather, the Price of Favour, Heart on my Sleeve, Best Foot Forward, The Honest Lie
Advanced Stunts: Charlatan, Pretender, It Takes One To Know One, Network of Contacts
Equipment: Rich Clothing

Sample Build: Diplomat

Aspects: Quiet and Unassuming, Urbane, I’m sure we’ll give it due consideration, You might say that – I couldn’t possibly comment
Key Skills: Resources, Rapport, Leadership, Contacts
Basic Stunts: Well-travelled, The Right Questions, Natural Diplomat, the Price of Favour, Born Leader
Advanced Stunts: Money Talks, Master Diplomat, Centre of the Web, Power Behind The Throne
Equipment: Robes, Symbol of Office

Sample Build: Noble

Aspects: Noblesse Oblige, We Demand the Respect Owed to Our Rank, The Honour of Our Family is Paramount!
Key Skills: Resources, Rapport, Leadership, Contacts
Basic Stunts: Best Foot Forward, Five-Minute Friends, Born Leader, Money Talks, The Best that Money can buy
Advanced Stunts: Well-Travelled, Lieutenant, Treasure Hoard, Stronghold, Money is No Object
Equipment: Sumptuous Clothing, Servant, Riding Animal or Carriage

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Occupations and Character Types

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