Other Characters

This is a list of notables the characters may have heard about but not yet met, deceased folks they have heard of or encountered, and legendary characters. Some information about these characters will be noted on this page.

People Heard of

Sir Drake of Dawn Keep A minor knight from a minor town in the southern Barony of Fallowdown. His young squire, Roberin of Oniontown often brags about his master when in his cups.
The Mad Prince Formerly known as Mad Lord Nathan of Pertwee. His wife Bertha is sister to the late Prince Godfrey of Finsdale. As Godfrey left no legitimate heirs and his only brother Sir Hugo had usurped the High King’s throne and was subsequently deposed and killed. But just after his brother’s death, Hugo the Usurper gave Nathan Pertwee the Crown of Finsdale. The Mad Prince is rumored to have killed Godfrey for the throne, in conspiracy with The Usurper. Other tales paint him as a raving lunatic. Confirmed, of course, by the number of heads adorning pikes along the River Wall.

The Deceased

None Yet

Legendary Characters

Lord Sir Derranger the Just A great Knight from the 26th Century of the Golden Age. He is renowned for his bravery, even temper, kind hand, and just heart. His miracles have become the stuff of legend. Though a devout Knight Justice of Sylantrope, he is most famous for his leadership in the band of adventurers that came to be known as Kwyrth’s Own and his participation in the Kwyrth Engagement of 2528-29 made a lasting impact on the face of the Shimmering Kingdoms, and brought about the resurgence of the Kwyrth faithful. Lord Arsonis’ exploits are famously detailed within the holy text, The Book of Kwyrth.

Master Alderon Damodred How touched and gifted was this brave heroic figure. More than a mere court wizard, Master Alderon Damodred was indeed one of history’s most enigmatic figures. Touched by the gods with second sight, he was a champion for the revival of Kwyrth, and Alderon’s actions during the Kwyrth Engagement was pivotal to the prominence the Death God has to this date. Some say that without Master Damodred, the Shimmering Kingdoms would have fallen to the Host of the Damned. It is sad that so few of his works and writings have survived the trials of time, yet how fitting that his works should have rotted away like the unfortunate victims of the master Alderon served.

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Other Characters

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