Pyratus, God of the Sun

The God of the Sun, Pyratus is also known as the Giver of Light, Patron of War and Competition. He is the estranged son of Atros, for he quarreled with his father and started the first war. He is known as a brash youth that is hotheaded and contemptuous. His followers commonly burn great pyres within their temples, a tribute to his nature and association with the sun. Immolators of Pyratus practice mandatory duels and competitions as they advance within their order, and only the strongest survive to the upper ranks. Pyratian law contends that only the pure may be true priests of this deity, therefore clerics of Pyratus must begin and remain devoted solely to him, and they may not learn any other type of magic. Pyratus once had total domain over fire until Xylor fell from the skies. The servants of both gods foster a bitter rivalry, as do the patrons themselves.

The weapon, which he wields and has come to represent his inspiration, is the torch-mace.
His symbol is the sun.

Faith and Religion


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