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This page will include all major movers and shakers in the world. They are important to the campaign, and thus have earned their place on this page even though there may be more detail for them in the Location they are best known for. These characters will appear on this page when they are encountered. Until them, they will likely appear here: Other Characters

Baron George Grant is a giant of a man, broad-shouldered and strong as an ox. Baron Pelham, on his death bed from a demonic wound he received during the War of the Horned Lord, raised Grant to Baron status, and made him regent over Principality of the Golden Reaches until his young son comes of age. Barong grant holds the fortified castle city of Pelham firmly against the barbarians who inhabit the plains, and the brute tribes that infest the hills.

Grant is a noble man with a no-nonsense attitude and staunchly protective over his city and the principality.
Count Pottersworth is a strict leader, and is well-known as a shrewd political maneuverer. His three younger siblings have made his rule over the Town of Sinclair problematic, as they scheme to undermine not only the count, but each other as well. Recently, the count negotiated a settlement with Baron George Grant in an accord in which Sinclair’s allegiences changed from the Principality of Finsdale to the Principality of the Golden Reaches, a major coup.

Baron Sir Fabian Fallowdown
Sir Fabian is the liege lord of Fallowdown Barony. He is a strong and respected leader, known to be generous to those loyal to him, and fierce to his enemies. He is extremely harsh to traitors and oath-breakers. The people of his barony see him as a benevolent liege, if not stern. The Baron is known for his martial prowess and is a favorite at tournament. He has gained the name “The Falcon” over the last few seasons, due to his unique riding style and smooth approach to the joust. The Baron does not particularly relish the title.
Sir Landor Belkin
Sir Landor is a knight in service to Baron Fallowdown. He patrols the barony, and is usually on the road with a small contingent of men-at-arms. Landor also aids the Castilian of Fallowdown Keep with trouble across the river, and he assists the regional reeves with brute or barbarian incursions, trouble with criminals, and the collection of taxes.
He is a personable and charming knight, every maiden’s dream. Women, both Seitsmen and Noblesse alike swoon at his passing.
Sir Landor also recruits able men and women for service in the ranks of the Baron’s militia, and occasionally spends time training promising warriors. He has not taken a squire, to the chastisement of the Baron and other nights in the Baron’s court.
Spellblade Valexia Barrows
Valexia is a warrior-wizard stationed at the City of Fallowdown. She is captain of her order, and protects the city, and thence the Barony, from dangers both across the Kingdom borders and within the boundaries of the Barony. Valexia, also known as The Raven’s Spike (for she originally hailed from the militia of Finsdale – whose sigil is the raven), is a deft and serious woman, and has forged herself to fit into the male-dominated world.

A tower-trained wizard, Archemedes serves the court of Baron Fabian Fallowdown. He holds three apprentices, serves as court wizard and is a respected member of the Fallowdown Council. He has earned a reputation as a just man with a sense of humor. He also is known as a man to hold a grudge when crossed or disappointed.
Brother Calumbias and Titan
Brother Calumbias is Benerectine Monk who has set upon himself a pilgrimage. He feels his calling is to rebuild the devastated village of Shepherd’s Rest, and he has begun his task by first building a shrine to the Pantheon, which will double as a shelter for the weary traveler, and sanctuary from the weather and the hostile adversaries in the region. His faithful companion, Titan, is a huge dog with obvious wolf blood. Cal and Titan accompanied the heroes in their attempt to rescue Cillean’s ‘cousin’.
Homeland: Unkown, Kingdom of the Lake

Eliot “Ox” Palgrave
Ox is the doorman (the official title, but in truth he is a bouncer) at The Inn of the Rose in Buckhorn Hold. A hulking but kind man, Ox is proud of his position and fiercely loyal to his employer Sorina Rose. Slow to anger, Ox is a force of nature when riled. His wife Edith is a journeyman tailor/seamstress. They have no children, and Edith is past childbearing years.

Lord Sir Buck DuCorbin of Buckhorn Hold
One thought of as a lowly Seitsman, Buck’s lineage proved as strong as his heart and courage. Knighted by Baron Sir Pelham himself, he was appointed Lordship over Buckhorn Hold and the surrounding lands after defeating the great and evil Horned Lord. Lord Sir Buck is now too busy with the upkeep of his demesne to be gallivanting along the Tournament circuit, and too tied to his hold to adventure as he did in his youth (which was not so long ago). Buck takes his position to heart, but does not take it too seriously, and he is often heard cracking wise, or joining with an evening’s revelry or joining the peasantry in festivals and local events. He loves his township, and he loves his people, treating them fairly, be they Noblesse, Seitsman, or Barbarian. He has even held a treatise with a band of Brutes which has lasted over three years.

Shan Rivers
Shan Rivers is the Tower Wizard of Buckhorn Hold. He is bastardy born, and was sent to the village when its former wizard was killed in a Brute raid. He detests being punished, as he sees it, sequestered and banished to a minuscule flea-bite of a village on the terrible frontier. Shan has made the best of his situation, earning the respect (if not fear) of the village populace. He is usually quite rude and short tempered, and is known for instilling a similar demeanor in his apprentices (five of them), and the servants who reside in his short, squat tower.

They didn’t even bother to give me a proper tower. I will show these bumpkins to respect even the ground I tread upon.

Sister Mercy of the Holy Staff
Mercy is a young novice at the Temple of the Crooked staff, in the town of Buckhorn Hold. She is soft spoken and unassuming, takes her duties seriously, and is an ever faithful devotee of the Pantheon. Mercy is of Noblesse birth, but never speaks of her background. She is a capable combatant, when the need arises, but is otherwise a pacifist.

Fiona Wulfrun is a Cael girl of 19 years and close friend to Cillean. The last two years she has been apprenticed to the witch Agnesa Alington.

She recently lived with her parents in Shepherd’s Rest until the inquisition captured half her town during the druidic Lammas ritual. Fortunately Agnesa did not attend the ceremony.

On the road the inquisitors were attacked by Brutes and her mother died during the combat. Fiona was captured. Some of the Cael men escaped but most remained captives of the inquisition and were carted up to the town of Wheatly’s Rest.

Fiona has decided to head north to Wheatly’s Rest to find out what happened to her uncle and father. Did they escape, are they in the inquisitor’s dungeon, have they been hanged?

Lady Edna Blathe
Although getting on in years herself, Lady Edna Blathe, Sir Osbert’s wife, is still very active. Her eyes now milky white with cataracts, she navigates the house by memory. She is close friends with all the ladies of the house. Four decades older than most of the other women, she has taken on the matronly role of grandmother, councillor, and confidant. No longer able to embroider or knit, she often sits quietly and tells tales of her youth and travels with her husband in the king’s royal retinue. She spins a fine yarn and has a way of making decades-old gossip seem exciting and new.
Seamus the Ostler
Seamus works in the livery enclosure outside the walls of Wheatly’s Rest. He is the brother of Fiona, and is actually an agent of the Druids of Celynnen Llwyn. His position in the livery allows him to notice all who lodge their horses at the town, and he keeps a sharp ear open for any gossip or rumormongering that takes place around him.
Sir Sean O’Grady – Equerry to the Baron
Sir O’Grady hails from one of the great clans of Cael, and he claims pride in his heritage, despite the fact that he is 9th generation removed from his ancestral homeland. He shows no trace of a Caelic accent. Sean became master of the horse at a young age, and he prides himself in his duties for Baron Fallowdown. The stables, being outside the keep’s walls, also keep the steeds of the city as well as those of merchants and other travelers. The pastureland and stables can accommodate fifty score animals, and O’Grady has a sizable team to assist him. In fact, as master of the equerry, he rarely handles a single animal during the course of a day.

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