Starborn Elves

Gray elf

Starborn Elves are a noble and regal race of elves. Also called Silver Elves, or Starlings, they are taller and grander in physical appearance than their elven cousins, with hair either a bright silver or shining white. Their skin is likewise pale, ranging from a dark gray to a shimmering white/silver. At times, their eyes reflect the light and seem to glow a reflective white. Also, the ears of the Starborn Elves are longer than that of their other elven brethren.

Starborn Elves are very reclusive, and have a reputation for their arrogance (even by elven standards). They prefer clothing of silver or white to the exclusion of all others. Purple garments are worn by the most powerful and prestigious of the race, otherwise, they tend to wear whites and grays.

Starborn Elves are not native to the Shimmering Isle, and are the rarest of humanoids present in the campaign.

No one, not even the other elven races know the true origins of the Starborn Elves. They themselves will never divulge their secret origins and take extreme offense to such inquiries.

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Starborn Elves

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