Select Stunts for your character.

Stunts are special rules that give the characters an edge during Tests. Characters start with up to 5 Stunts. A list of examples can be found here (TBA), as well as following each Skill description. You may also create your own Stunts using the guidelines below. All of the Stunts fall into one of the following seven categories:


Specialism grants a +1 bonus to a particular use of a skill. If the table agrees through consensus that the specialism is particularly narrow, the bonus is increased to +2, possibly for an additional cost of a Fate point in a scene where it is used. Such a limitation is especially relevant for combat skills. You may select multiple specialisms on one skill, though only one can apply at a time. Each specialism is one Stunt.

New Skill Use

This Stunt lets a skill do something it could not do before. This could be a mundane but clever reworking of a particular skill to operate in new situations. Some instances of this Stunt are magical in nature. For instance, a character could have a Stunt that allows him or her to run for a short time across water or an awareness ability that allows them to see into the Otherworld. A character must have an appropriate Aspect to have access to a magical version of this stunt.

If, by table consensus, the skill use seems particularly powerful or unusual, this Stunt should cost a Fate Point each time it is used.

New Combat Application

When a character has this Stunt, he or she can use a skill to either attack or defend in battle, when it could not be used in this way before. For instance, with this Stunt a character could use the Intimidate skill to defend himself or herself in personal combat, or have a fiery gaze (as part of a Magical Skill) that lets him or her use the Awareness skill to make physical attacks. As a variation, this Stunt could also allow a successful defense in combat to cause damage equal to the degree of success, at the cost of a Fate point for each use.

Equipment is irrelevant to attacks and defenses made using this Stunt. Attacks do damage equal to the Degree of Success regardless of weapon used or armor worn. This can of course be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the situation.

Extra Capacity

The extra capacity Stunt doubles the benefit associated to a skill, such as the amount of extra stress granted to a stress score, or the bonus to a Test.

Ignore Restriction or Difficulty

This Stunt lets you ignore a particular restriction that will normally prevent a skill from being used, or ignore complicating factors that will increase the difficulty of a particular type of Skill Test. For example, this Stunt could let a character attempt to use the Stealth skill without any cover.

If ignoring the restriction seems especially potent to the table, this stunt will cost a Fate Point each time it is used.

Magical Calling

Magic is rare, though player characters are more likely to have access to magical skills than most. This stunt lets someone who also has a relevant Aspect learn a magical skill.

Extra Refresh

This Stunt does nothing except grant the character a +1 bonus to the initial number of Fate Points and the number gained when Fate Points are refreshed. It can be taken more than once to gain additional Fate Points at the start and each refresh.

As players become more familiar with the character generation process they may wish to select their Stunts before their Skills, or at the same time. The process can be undertaken iteratively, allowing finer control of elements and can be revisited a few times before the player is happy with the result.

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