The Groggy Stop Inn

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  1. Groggy Stop Inn
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  3. Outdoor Patio
  4. Outhouses
  5. Chicken Coop
  6. Stables
  7. Guest Lodge

Good service, a wide range of beverages, a splendid menu, and low prices have made this inn the most popular in Fallowdown. The inn is owned by Mistress Tamara Finkle. The stables are run by freemaster ostler Herras of Shepherds Rest.


Tamara’s late husband, Freemaster Phineas, inherited the inn from his father Freemaster Phillip. Phillip purchased the inn back in 2492, leaving it to his son in 2512. Since then, Phineas had fenced the compound and improved the out-buildings. His wife added certain amenities that guests now have come to expect. Tamara inherited the inn after her husband was mysteriously killed in 2523. Tamara and her two children, along with several bonded townsfolk, continue to operate this comfortable establishment. The guest lodge was originally the lodging for prostitutes kept by the original owners. Phillip Finkle discontinued the practice and converted the building as a lodge for nobles, and special private guests.

The Business

Tamara has a reputation for telling good tales and welcoming those who spin a good yarn. Her inn usually has a storyteller, or musician or two each night and the place is packed on religious holy days and fairs. She thrives on providing excellent hospitality and has a wide range of services at the inn.

The Groggy Stop is situated on the south side of Fallowdown, just inside the bailey gate of the city. Prominent businesses round out this section of the city, along with the Allinian Shrine of the Dawn, which was constructed about 10 years ago. Serfs from nearby villages, guildsmen, guards from the city, and even a temple priest now and then find themselves sampling one of the inn’s fine brews or hearing a tale by the warm fire. It is not uncommon to find Waelish travelers from abroad relaxing within and sharing news from their homeland.

Weapons are hung by the door or left at home. The town watch makes regular stops at the inn and will escort any trouble-makers to the bilboes. Tamara makes sure the watchmen get a free half-pint each time they stop by.

Food and Drink

The food and drink at the Groggy Stop is wholesome, fairly priced, and comes in large portions. A wide variety of meals are available on a daily basis. Every Vexday, the inn serves up several wild boar dishes and the inn is full of patrons on those nights.

The inn is well stocked with ale, mead, and cider. For a limited time each Ambi, the Baron opens up the Ash Flow River and allows peasants to fish for salmon without paying for a license. Tamara purchases many pounds of salmon during that time. She temporarily employs several townsfolk to smoke and pickle the salmon. Wines are imported from as far as Le Fleur. Tamara has recently been purchasing apple brandy produced by the local Allinian Shrine. This business relationship has gone a long way to smooth over some past tensions between the temple and the Groggy Stop. Tamara manages to brew some of the best ale in town, second only to the baron’s alewife. Her Groggy Ale (commonly simply called Grog) is so good that it gets served in the inns at Dickon Hold and Red Hold, though it does not travel well beyond that.

Tamara’s Family

Tamara Finkle, Master Innkeeper TamaraFinkle.jpg
Tamara’s father-in-law ran the inn before her, and left it to Tamara’s husband when he passed. Tamara has spent her whole life in Fallowdown Barony and, for that matter, Fallowdown City. Even though she stands less than five feet tall, Tamara dominates the common room and commands respect. She is plump and pretty but not unusually so. She does have a sharp mind and can figure a guest’s bill before she is done listing all the services. She is nearly 40 years of age. She is on the council of the local chapter of the Innkeepers’ Guild (one of five guild chapters in the Kingdom of the Lake). Her husband was a town alderman, and she is given respect for that fact. The inn is used for informal meetings of the aldermen. Tamara has kept a small chest that was left behind by a guest. If it remains unclaimed, she plans to open it sometime next summer, one year from the date it was left.

Felicia and Finn
Felicia is 16 years old and takes after her mother. She helps with the tables and is cute and flirty. She is only allowed to work during the day. Finn (Phineas the Younger), age 12 and the image of his late father, has started his apprenticeship at the Groggy Stop. Mistress Tamara seeks an apprenticeship for the boy at a quality inn, perhaps in Pelham, where she expects the boy to continue to learn the trade for a few years and possibly pick up a few secrets.


Herras of Shepherd’s Rest, Freemaster ostler
Freemaster Herras operates the stables behind the Groggy Stop Inn. His wife, Alleen helps in the inn’s kitchen. Herras and Alleen sleep in one of the rooms in the inn. His two apprentices (Klug and Binak) sleep in the hay loft. A journeyman ostler (Fergus) resides with the inn’s other journeymen on the third floor of the inn. Herras fled Shephard’s Rest during the War of the Horned Lord, traveling south to Fallowdown for safety, an evacuation commanded by his liege who died in the war.

Kelby Cook, Cook, Journeyman
Kelby is the inn’s cook, and is a bitter crone of a woman. She was hired on seven years ago after Phineas was killed. Tamara had been the cook before then, but could not handle the running of the inn as well as the cooking and brewing duties. Kelby has an irascible attitude, and Tamara has in essence banished her to the kitchens. She is never to set foot in the public areas of the inn. She has a small room upstairs.

Coel of Ferrett Hold, Barman, Journeyman
Coel has been at the inn for almost two years. He enjoys working at the Groggy Stop and has petitioned Tamara for a permanent assignment here. Coel is a short, stocky man in his early twenties. He has black hair and a long, heavy beard that he gathers and ties underneath his chin.

Kendra of Fallowdown, Server and Journeyman
Kendra came to the Groggy Stop in the winter of 2527. She has been given the responsibilities of serving the common room and assisting in the kitchen. She takes her duties seriously. With one other server and the Tamara’s children, there is usually enough help to serve the floor. Kendra keeps one half of all tips before passing the rest up to Tamara, who pays the children. A buxom wench, Kendra flaunts her natural physique. The Groggy Stop is the second inn Kendra has worked in. She plans to stay a year or two and then move on to the next.

Precis, Server and Laundress
Precis was an orphan child at the Pantheist temple before Phineas and Tamara brought her under their care. Only 16, she is healthy, strong, and attractive. She still goes to services at the Pantheist temple but has taken to skipping occasionally.

Laird and Vinick, apprentices
Tamara’s two other apprentices sleep on the kitchen floor. They are responsible for keeping the fires tended overnight and don’t get a lot of sleep. During the day, they primarily help Tamara in the kitchen.

Groggy Stop Inn – Ground Floor

Groggy stop ground floor

Groggy Stop Inn – First Floor

Groggy stop 1st floor

Groggy Stop Inn
- Second Floor (attic/loft)

Groggy stop 2nd floor.attic

Groggy Stop Inn – Cellar

Groggy stop cellar

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Groggy Stop Inn – Guest Lodge

Groggy stop guest lodge

Groggy Stop Inn – Stables

Groggy stop stables


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The Groggy Stop Inn

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