Vemlaar Village



Vemlaar is a Rover (barbarian) village situated deep within the Darkwood. Vemlaar is the Chulka word for Wolfsky, and its inhabitants comprise the clan of the same name, part of the Moon Fire Tribe who make their home wandering The Golden Plains. The Vemlaar clan have grown in the past decade, due in great part to the peaceful negotiations of Baron Sir Fabian Fallowdown (whom the clan calls The Pale Trader), since his taking over the region. There is no longer a bounty on Rovers, and Vemlaar Village had prospered and thrived since the clan had been able to settle in the region without threat from the ‘Iron Shirts’.

Although Brutes overran the village in YS 2531, Baron Fallowdown protected the refugees at Frent Lodge and his Knights and men at arms pushed the Brutes west. Many fled into The Tamarind Flow, the rest died on its banks. Vemlaar is rebuilding with the aid of Fallowdown.

Face_to_the_Sun.jpg Chief Face to the Sun is the newly appointed leader of Vemlaar, assigned by the Moon Fire council to replace Chief Kanowatha. Face to the Sun is young and has strong and innovative ideas. Many of the older members of the village do not like his upstart ways but are in little position to oppose him. The younger members of Vemlaar, some of whom were sent from the plain’s encampments, are fanatically loyal to their new Chief. Face to the Sun has agreed to the Fallowdown Treaty, but he distrusts the ‘iron shirts’ even more than did his predecessor.

Kanowatha.jpg The late Chief Kanowatha led the people of Vemlaar. Sent into the Darkwood to establish Vemlaar and to represent the Moon Fire tribal affairs, he was a boon to the tribe and Fallowdown as an accomplished negotiator. The Baron respected Kanowatha, and a treatise was established. In exchange for limited fealty, Vemlaar can count on the protection of the Baron and his knights were conflicts with the Brutes to threaten the village. Unfortunately, Chief Kanowatha was murdered when Vemlaar was taken by the Brutes.

Speaks_With_Ghosts.jpgThe Shaman of the clan is Speaks With Ghosts, the spiritual leader of the entire clan. He is a young man who advises Chief Face to the Sun and guides the village on spiritual matters. He leads the annual ghost dance, a favorite of the villagers.

Wolf_Totem.jpg The Great Wolf is the spirit totem for Vemlaar, and Speaks With Ghosts confers with the great spirit to help the villagers and guide Chief Kanowatha in spiritual matters.


The Skycaller, a priestess by the name of Nashoba was once the leader of The Warriors of Grey Wolf (a cult that worships Tixcsi – goddess of the heavens and night sky). Her tribal name is Talks To Moon, and she is a fierce shape-changer who also runs with a pack of grey wolves. When Face to the Sun was assigned to the village, Nashoba left Vemlaar taking her warriors with her. It is said she had harsh words with the new Chief and a peace between them was not achieved.


Vemlaar Village

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