Village of Rustford

Known Locations in Rustford

The Rust River Ford is generally passable save for the bitterest of winters and at the height of the spring thaws. During the spring, a ferry is constructed to help travelers cross the river. Generally speaking, there is no toll guard, but it is known that everyone wishing to cross should pay Gerrit Wyke at the King’s Head Inn either before or after the crossing, depending on which way one is going. The ford and the approach fro both directions) can easily be seen by Tempseiur Eadwin, the village’s lord, mayor and wizard knight. Several of the village children are nonetheless conscripted to keep watch over the ford and report sign of any travelers to Sir Haradoc, the shire’s bailiff.

Mubel Etine)
Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰ Prices: Average
Miller.jpgPeople often point out the miller Mubel as a cheerful man and this is not a compliment. The man, they will tell you without lowering their voices, is an idiot. His wife is running his business into the ground and his son is a criminal, but Mubel’s smile has never slipped from his face.

Late last winter, Mubel’s son Tordai was arrested by Sir Udet of Sinkhole and charged with raping one of the girls of that town. Minister Sandoval had arranged for the boy to be brought to Rustford and asked the Miller to pay a token fine to the girl’s family.
To the surprise of one and all, Mubel declined and shrugged the matter off. Tempseiur Eadwin, outraged, sentenced Tordai to be flogged. Before the sentence could be carried out, the boy escaped and set fire to the mill. He is now an outlaw in the Chyle Forest, across the river, east of the manor.

Since the mill is out of commission, Tempseiur Eadwin has had to allow the peasants to purchase quern licenses to grind their own grain. The loss of production capacity has hurt Tempseiur Eadwin’s purse the hardest, as the mill also ground flour for farmers in the northern reaches. Minister Sandoval has given Mubel half of his annual fee back to help rebuild the mill as soon as possible.

3 THE KING’S HEAD INN (Gerrit Wyke and his sister Lena Wyke) King_s_Head_Inn.png
Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
The King’s Head Inn is the center of village social life for many of the inhabitants of Rustford. Gerrit Wyke and his sister Lena are co-owners of the only inn between Pelham and Jerritt. They fancy themselves quite important people in the town, despite the fact that both roads that cross through the village are little used. The inn itself, however, is the centre of village social life for many of the inhabitants of Rustford, and by day or night once may find a friendly conversation, a game of chance, or other form of entertainment. Travelers are always welcome, and always subject to queries from the locals about the goings-on of the outside world.

Size: 4 Quality: ✰✰✰ Prices: Average
The proprietor of Rustford Livestock, Reiner Vogg is a slovenly, ugly-looking man (his mother was a half-brute) with
 a sarcastic attitude, and he is unpopular with the villagers. However, he knows his animals, and he cares for them well. Reiner does not drink in the inn. He is a widower, though still in his mid-thirties, and lives in a small house near his corral with his daughter Savula.
Savula is crippled, born with two club feet. She is also rather unattractive, favouring her father’s side of the family. However, she is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful child, and the High Priestess of Shrine of the Oracle to the north has approached Reiner about making Savula a future sibyl. To date the father has not made his descision.

8 REEVE (Landar Haral)
Size: 2
Landar is dying slowly and is leaving his family in turmoil. He has resisted his children’s pleas to name an heir and the reeve’s position, if not the future of the family, hangs in the balance. If a successor is not named, the family is likely to split into several factions, each quarreling and scheming for power.

Size: 3 Quality: ✰✰✰✰ Prices: Average
Dyran.jpgNazarant purchases honey from Magdalene Colerre at Busy Bees and his family creates the region’s finest mead, popular throughout the Principality and beyond. They are also known for thier honeyed confections and sweets. Nazarant is scheming to become the Reeve, a position that he sees as a chance for graft and power. He views the Lord’s Minister as his path to power and sees to it that Sandoval is well supplied with the sweets and the meads that the elf loves.

23 THE TOWER (Tempseiur Eadwin Lournay)
Tempseiur_Eadwin_Close.jpgTempseiur (the title is a combination of Lord, Mayor, Wizard and Knight) Eadwin Lournay holds Rustford Tower for the Baron of Pelham. The Lournays have been vassals of Pelham since it was founded as a Provice of Finsdale. Tempseiur Eadwin has been the lord of Rustford and its vassal manors for 24 years. Before he assumed the manor, he had roamed the Kingdom as a member of the Royal Mage Guard under Highg King Mark.. His wealth of experience makes him a wise counsel to many in the Shire.

Tempseiur Eadwin is one of the Baron’s confidants, and is especially attentive to Tempseiur Eadwin’s thoughts on governing, preferring to nurture and empower the lower classes rather than direct their actions.

Tempseiur Eadwin is a kind and generous lord, often remitting fees to help a needy tenant make ends meet. The peasants view him as a benevolent lord who keeps their best interests close to his heart. His Hall Moot has the same atmosphere as a village picnic. Since few criminal cases are ever heard in Rustford most of the business during the moot involves marriages or births.

Minister_Sandoval_Close.jpgUnfortunately, Tempseiur Eadwin is growing older, and his magical studies have taken a toll on him. He has become more reclusive over the last few years, only making the briefest appearances at the moots, and relegates much of his duties to his steward, Minister Sandoval. Sandoval is of one of the Elven races, but only a scholar would likely be able to discern his heritage. It has become known to bring any urgent business to Sandoval, rather than disturb the Tempeiur. Like his master, locals generally consider Minister Sandoval to be fair with them, but the odd nature of his race provides ample fodder for the gossipmongers. Rumors have arisen that Eadwin now dabbles in magics that are beyond the ken of men, and will ultimately put the very souls of the villagers in grave danger.

More information forthcoming.

The Spider Farm

Uliyah.jpgUlayah Rayn owns the nearby spider farm, renowned for its fine quality silk. He is a 58-year old noblesse and immensely fat. He is mainly concerned with business and always seems suspicious of people who approach his farm, more so if they wear armor and bear weapons. If anyone mentions the spiders themselves, or has the audacity to bring up the subject of spider venom or poison, they will find themselves unceremoniously escorded off Ulayah’s property.

Heri.jpgHeri, Ulayah’s daughter, is twenty-four years old and plump as well, although she is nowhere near the size of her father. She’s desperately bored with life in a farm village, and she is always open and interested in conversation with any visitors who happen by her farm. She will listen to tales of adventure with wide eyes for hours on end. She is quite ‘girly’ and favors pink colors in her attire. Her beloved cat, Mister Puss Puss, perished in the manor fire that took place during the shadow goblin attack. Heri is devastated and blames her father for maker her keep the Mr. Puss Puss in a cage rather than allowing him free range of the manor.

As the spider farm takes a goodly amount of manpower to operate, Ulayah employs 26 workers on the farm, although a dozen of them were recently slain in the shadow goblin attack, and he plans on sending agents to both Jarrett and Pelham to recruit new employees. The workers are generally taciturn and will direct any enquiries to Ulayah, who handles visitors personally (he’s very sales-minded).


Thanks to N. Robin Crossby & Columbia Games and Joe Adams for this awesome Hârn Resource, as well as Stuard Marshall and Dragonsfoot for the Melford adventure.

Village of Rustford

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