Woodling Elves

Wood elf

Woodling Elves, also called wild elves, are barbaric and tribal. They are smaller than the other elves, averaging 4 feet tall. Their hair color ranges from black to light brown. They use natural dyes to color it many different colors, to denote tribal affiliations. They also tattoo themselves and paint their faces. They dress in simple clothing of animal skins and basic plant weaves. Though other elves consider them savages, they contend that they are the true elves, for the rest have lost their primal elven essence along with an unnatural need to build and form more complex civilizations. Nomadic and rugged, Woodlings are nomadic or barbarians. A rare few become witches or sorcerers.

Woodlings roam the uninhabited wilderness areas of the Kingdom of the Lake (Golden Plains), Rotbaum, Norlund, The Wild North, The Disputed Lands, many other remote regions.

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Woodling Elves

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